Seven things that pandemic taught us about data security

Seven things that pandemic taught us about data security As workers fled home to handle everything remotely, organizations had to quickly address new threats and questions that were raised about maintaining the integrity and safety of their data. From the IT perspective, the pandemic… Reinforced the need to follow good password hygiene Brought to light […]

Access matters when things go to **and?)!

Access matters when things go to **&?)! The COVID-19 pandemic brought a multitude of lessons along with it, on both the personal and professional fronts. From the business perspective, the pandemic turned things upside down across almost every industry. One of the biggest trends that the pandemic brought was remote work. While working from home […]

Outsourcing: an overview

Outsourcing: an overview Outsourcing today simply involves using external entities to handle specific, specialized business functions so that organizations can focus on their core competencies. The idea of seeking outside support for areas that are not core to a business is many decades old. However, seeking support from external providers can make a lot of […]

Facebook phishing attack on the rise

Beware of Facebook’s phishing campaign. The attackers are sending out emails that appear to come from the Facebook team, and during the fake appeal process, they are asking for information such as name and email address and the user’s password. #Cyonic #Cybersecurity #phishingattack

Can you do this at home?

Can you do this at home? Outsourcing HR, real estate portfolio management, tax audits, etc is fairly common nowadays. This whitepaper discusses another function which, when outsourced, can bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to your business’s overall functioning–IT. IT is one of the core functions of any business. There’s no aspect of a business that […]

MSPs save money And you get stuff that matters

MSPs save money. And you get stuff that matters. Outsourcing has become a fairly common element in business processes today. What started off as a means to cut business costs and take advantage of cheaper resources based offshore has now become an essential part of running a business today. (Its definition doesn’t necessarily include offshore […]

Train your staff: Your first and best firewall

Train your staff: Your first and best firewall Protecting your organization against cyber threats can seem like a challenge that involves extremely high-tech wizardry, sophisticated knowledge etc.. Much of this is true. Protecting your data and your company against cyber threats requires skilled professionals. But that isn’t only what is needed. The first line of […]