Business Continuity

We help to minimise business interruption with anything IT-related to a catastrophe by building a solid business continuity plan and process to ensure your business is not impacted financially.



Business Continuity Planning

We help businesses to implement business continuity plans to minimise downtime during a disaster caused by human error, natural disaster, network failure, or cyber-attacks. This is critical for all businesses to ensure you do not suffer financially or your clients are not negatively impacted.

Our suite of products and services that form our business continuity service includes disaster recovery, cloud backup, privacy and data compliance.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a critical component in business continuity planning. We provide disaster recovery services that are cloud-based, replicate and host physical or virtual servers via a third party. The recovery time is reduced massively, so downtime to your business is minimal, negating cost impacts to your business.


Incident Response Planning

Cyonic will take care of incident response planning through a structured approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or any other IT incident directly impacting your business. This typically includes steps such as identifying the incident, containing the damage, eradicating the problem, recovering normal system operations and conducting a post-incident review to identify areas for improvement.

Our goal is to minimise the impact of an incident on your organisation with our quick and efficient response approach.

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