IT Risk Assessment

An IT Risk assessment is like a doctor’s health check but across your IT infrastructure, systems, applications and security practices to identify areas of risk and concern to you and your business. At Cyonic we do this all for you.



The benefits of an IT Risk Assessment for your business allow us to do a deep dive such as an IT audit on all your IT systems and identify any potential IT and Cyber security risks which we work hard to resolve the red flags immediately. It also allows us to make improvements to boost your IT performance and protect your data, giving you and your business peace of mind.

Benefits of an IT Risk Assessment

Understand your IT Infrastructure

By allowing us to do a comprehensive audit of your IT systems and infrastructure

Reduce IT & Cyber Risks

Identify where threats lie so we can resolve to keep your data and information secure

Privacy & Data Compliant

Ensure all your customer data is compliant under the Privacy and Spam Act and GPDR regulations

Improve IT Performance

We improve efficiencies across all your IT systems, applications and processes

Let’s get started with an IT Risk Consultation

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