Common Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity threats are always evolving, understanding the basics and how they work is the first step in preventing your company from being attacked.


Phishing is a method of trying to obtain personal information through deceptive emails and websites. Creating believable websites or emails that people enter their personal email on. You may also unintentionally download software that contains viruses that track what you write and steals all your computer’s information.

This can be devastating for companies as they can take control of your assets, systems, and money.


Ransomware encrypts the victim’s file and demands money or ransom from the victim to restore access to the data upon payment. They are shown how to pay the fee, often costing a lot of money.

This is disastrous for small businesses as they do not have the same revenue as large companies. Freezing files will further hurt your company as you will not be able to run your services.


Malware is malicious software that has the intent of damaging devices, stealing data, and taking control of systems. There are different types of malware; Virus, Trojans, Spyware, and Worms.

  • Virus infects other files infecting them damaging your system’s core functionality, corrupting files.
  • Trojans disguises itself as legitimate software, creating backdoors in your security to let other malware in.
  • Spyware is designed to spy on you. Hiding in the background tracking your passwords, credit card numbers, and other habits.
  • Worms infect entire networks of devices locally or through the internet.


These threats can infect your whole system, making it unusable, ruining your whole business. However, if you recognize them, they are easy to remove. Wombat Security Technology found more than 30% of employees didn’t know what the term phishing or malware was. One scam like Business Email Compromise resulted in losses in $3 billion. This was caused by employees, as they are the easiest to take advantage of.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your employees can mitigate these problems from occurring, but it only takes one situation to take down the business. It also costs time and money to train that you are taking away from their work.

Imagine if you never had to worry about employees being a liability to your company, something that regulates, detects and quarantines the virus before it happens.

Introducing Cyonic Cybersecurity Services. For over a decade, we’ve been providing companies protection from malicious attacks every single day.

Our services and software prevents, detects, respond, and quarantine to protect all your company’s assets. This is all done in the background of your computer, so it won’t interfere with daily business tasks; never worry about your company getting infected again.

Cyonic Cybersecurity Solution

Real-Time Complete Protection

Our software algorithm is equipped with a virus signature that recognises all currently known threats that attack companies. It eliminates the dependency on connecting, finding, manually deleting every single threat. Our AI software is continuously learning about new unknown threats, so you never have to worry about your company being infected again.

Swift Discovery and Action

Your devices connected to our software automatically defend and repair all attacks by halting, quarantining, reversing, or roll back to images of the computer to the state when it was free of malware. With 24/7 protection to your device, any threats will be taken care of without you knowing.

Device Mapping & Control

Cyonic Cybersecurity Program maps all your business’s IoT and devices. Computers, Phones, Tablets, Printers, and Laptops are linked and saved, ensuring unknown devices cannot join and affect your system. Segmenting and analysing to confirming every device that is connected to your network is clean and harmless.

Online Cloud Security

All threat prevention, detection, and response are done through our cloud software, so it won’t affect your network’s workload. Using our cloud containers, it scans ensuring file integrity, protection and complies with server policies.


Cyonic is so confident that we can secure your business that we back it by having up to $1,000,000 has a warranty if you are effected by ransomware.

Providing base-level security protecting from common threats; password management system, managed premium firewall, Microsoft & 3rd party app updates, and email spam filtering.

High-level security and testing to prevent stronger malicious attacks; Advanced Endpoint Protect Security Operations Centre, Dark Web Monitoring, Simulated Phishing Attack, and Vulnerability / Penetration Test.



All documentation needed is compiled into a user-friendly report providing status updates on the security of your business. IT Documentations, Monthly Executive Reports, Asset & Inventory Management Report, IT Budget Preparation and Technology Business Review Meeting. Making sure your management team is up-to-date and ensuring all their cybersecurity needs are met.


Training & Services

Cyonic provides cybersecurity awareness training to all employees, making sure they understand common malicious threats, reducing the chances of your business becoming infected and attacked.

Offering Office 365 Business and Backup License, Network backup testing, and Backup Disaster Recovery to make sure your files are secure and restorable at any point.

Cyonic Cybersecurity Software replaces antiviruses preventing malware attacks in real-time. Providing the lowest false-positives (look-alike virus) while producing the best protection for your company.

It can reverse and remove any damages that any malicious threats have caused in real-time, healing itself allowing it to run virus-free. Never need to roll-back or re-image a computer again.

Our services use a variety of detection methods preventing national-grade attacks in real-time externally and filtering through your network internally. As our AI software learns and adapts, never need another security program again.

Stop wishing for employees that don’t open any malicious files or accidentally type in company passwords.

Start taking proactive action and secure your business.

Protect your network with Cyonic Cybersecurity System Today.

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