IT Consulting

We have developed a range of consultancy services to meet your specific business needs and goals ranging from Virtual CIO, Cyber Security to IT risk assessment.



Virtual CIO

If technology is not your core competency and you lack the know-how in delivering a strategic-led IT strategy for your business, then our Virtual CIO is for you. We will work independently alongside your Executive team and Board to meet your business goals. You also won’t have to fork out the hefty costs associated with hiring a CIO for your business!

Cyber Security

If you haven’t reviewed your cyber security planning needs within the last 3 months, you may find they are already out of date for your business. Rest assured, Cyonic IT Professionals will develop solutions to protect and repair your business from malicious threats, protect your network and devices, plus many more cyber security solutions available.

IT Risk Assessment

We are experienced in conducting a health check across your IT infrastructure helping to identify areas of risk and problems to fix, boost performance and protect your IT data and technology.

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